A Vintage Jumble of Fabulousness...

Once in a while you come across a place you could call home.
Somewhere you could just walk in, kick off your shoes, and chill...

I don't know who's home this is, I found it in an uncredited post here.
I would like to think she is someone who gets inspired by the colour of an old watering can she found at a flea market...
to whom creating comes naturally - and of course, feels a sense of humour is vital to a home.

Magenta doors, you know you're in for a treat :)

This home office really makes me want to get going on my own space when I get home..
(although I'm not lucky enough to be able to fit a "chillin' " sofa in)

Pink doors, flag banners, loads of white..

the perfect jumble of happy colours and fabrics, so inviting

a swatch of fabric as a mouse pad
love the overlapping inspiration boards, I am striving to venture outside of my cherished symmetry

don't you love that lampshade? and these shelves?

In another room, a great spot for kids to follow their own creative pursuits...

and one to find sweet dreams...

Onward to the kitchen.. open shelving perfection

This style is about living with all your treasures, using your best dishes everyday, and mixing them up with flea market and discount store finds.
The countertops add warmth and really temper all this color against the white cabinetry.

A totally unique living room - would you have paired this furniture? Do you like it together?

Fantastic grouping to incorperate the tv into the room inconspicuously...

A home should relect the people who live in it.
I love spaces like this, where everything has a story.
Do you?

til next time...

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