Books That Are Tied Closed..hmm..

 Lets hear what you guys think about this one.

Restoration Hardware has some new accessories (and new furniture- oh, it's stunning).

The sand cast letters are beautiful

I have always wanted one of these:

and the candlesticks, mirror, pillows? to die for..

but this strikes me as odd:

antique books, stripped of their covers, tied up in bundles.

yes, they are beautiful, but you cannot read them.

They almost seem like prisoners, somehow..


This may work for a photo shoot, the color of these antique books is glorious, but real life?
Is this something you would do in your home?

til next time...

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1 comment:

lauren carney said...

your blog is so incredibly wonderful.
i just adore the collection of photos in each post!
There are so many beautiful shots splashed throughout the page!
love it.

thankyou for sharing the inspiration!


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