HandMade Happiness: An Etsy Mothers Day


      Mother's Love

    Her love is like an island In life's ocean,
     vast and wide
     A peaceful, quiet shelter
     From the wind, the rain, the tide.
     'Tis bound on the north by Hope,
     By Patience on the West,
     By tender Counsel on the South
     And on the East by Rest.
     Above it like a beacon light
     Shine Faith, and Truth, and Prayer;
     And thro' the changing scenes of life
     I find a haven there.
                                    - Author Unknown

My Mother always wanted a homemade card and a homemade gift from us on Mothers Day.. 
those bits of cardboard and fabric and copious amounts of glue were the things she treasured.

An avid crafter, upcycler (long before it was fashionable) and artist
 she instilled a respect in us for the beauty of the imperfect, the power of the creative spirit, and the hard work that handmade objects require.
Always our biggest champion, Mum gave us the feeling that we could accomplish anything,
 and that we always had a safe haven in her presence...

Etsy seems a fitting choice to find a little something on Mum's Day:

Paper pleasures:

So Mum can take a little time:

Vintage Books for her collection..
T R I O - romance collection

"Hold My Calls" Lavender Bath Bomb, Love it!
Bath Bomb- Hold My Calls

"Mothers Little Helper" Lavender, Lemoncello and CHOCOLATE :)

                      MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER  Lavender Lemoncello and Milk Chocolate

Art feeds the soul:

"My Sunshine" - you know those hugs? 
The ones that warm you up all the way through and always seem to end too soon?
I try to get one every day from each of my kids :)
My sunshine -  Mother's Day - Cute Arts

"Loved Boy", ooh, the colors, the texture..
this shop is full of gorgeous images like this one,
 I'm going to spend some time there later!

Loved Boy

How about custom silhouettes? Darling..

Two Custom Silhouettes - PDF Printable File - STILL TIME FOR MOTHER'S DAY

Perhaps something she wouldn't buy for herself?

Turquoise and silver for spring..
Carved Turquoise Birdie and Leaf Lariat with Sterling Silver Chain

Vintage Charm:

Vintage Key Necklace with a clear chandelier crystal and skyblue charm

Glam Rose Headband/Necklace/Bracelet...

AS SEEN ON COURTNEY LOVE IN MARCH 2010 SPIN MAGAZINE- The ROSE has BLOOMED at LIAISON by Kat Swank- The 5 in 1 Swanky. Wear it 5 different ways.

Amp up flowers by placing them in a beautiful vase?

 Stunning Limoges..


A cheerful little friend..

Vintage - Yellow BIRD Ceramic Vase

So pretty! Who can resist Aqua glass..

Tall Glass Pitcher

A vintage French Cookbook and delightful apron for the lady who taught you to cook..

ANTIQUE FRENCH BOOKS 1880 1906 for your Creative UseMother (Nature) - I Promise To Keep the Trees Healthy and Beautiful - Vintage Funky Retro Full Apron Sizes 2-14....SALE
Old Paper and Pages   Beau Melange                       

My own Mum collects Milk Glass, so I know she would be very happy to open one of these..

Fabulous Vintage McKee Milk Glass Punch Set Complete

Milk Glass Pedestal Candy Dish

We're off to a family brunch on Sunday, all the guys pitch in and cook while we sit around eating bonbons with our feet up!!

Okay... no bonbons, but you get the idea..

It's a very lovely thing to be decadent once in a while.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend :)

til next time..
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