It's Victoria Day - Pledge Allegiance with Etsy

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It's a holiday weekend up here in the North, monday being Victoria Day..
While the throngs descend on our nearby beach and lakes,
 I am off to the quiet city for a wee Queen Street/Chinatown/Kensington Market shop :)

Queen St West streetcar seen from an alley by Uncle Lynx.
Via Flikr

Perhaps you are in the shopping mood, as well?
In the name of all things British, thought you might enjoy these brilliant Etsy finds...

London calling..

As an alternative to the gorgeous-but-almost-too-common Union Jack pillows, a subtler homage..

Liberty Prints, yummy...

I can almost feel the wind in my hair..

For a Gent with a good Sense of wit: Cufflinks, UK Style..

A spot of tea? How lovely of you..

 The Civilized Life: A Proper Tea Service

Cheeky! I love 'em..

Buckingham Palace Black Tea:
The same blend as the Queen? To be served with crumpets and biscuits..

A darling necklace..

Little bits of Britain..

Embroidered Cards - LOVE!

Dashing off, have a fab weekend, everyone :)


til next time..

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