Get Some Modage Into Your Space!

During the planning of my own powder room 
I found this example of a wallpapered room that tickled my fancy..


Yummy, right?
It almost had me starting over with my own design..

LA design firm  Woodson and Rummerfield , 
comprised of Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield,
have a quirky design sense that gives them a unique style.
They have coined the term, Modage, meaning modern vintage,
 to describe themselves.. would you like to see more?

This is from the same project as the bathroom..
note the turquoise heading off to the right - bold choices abound.


when a kitchen is dressed for a party,
it blends seamlessly into the living/dining area..


Here is an indoor/outdoor space that also blends seamlessly..


The view gets even better after dark.. 


I love the color orange! 
After living with it for the last 5 years,
 I am phasing it out of my own house,
 but this room shows how friendly and easy orange can be to live with.

Fireplace update: Have one of those giant brick surrounds in your space?
Paint is an option, but look how fantastic this is:


Here's one to steal - for maximum impact
run your art from ceiling to floor:

This design duo have a showroom, where everything is for sale..
Molding Mania Modage:


This one is close to my heart.. as a challenge to myself,
I am consciously trying to incorperate more pattern in my work these days.
Despite all the busy fabrics here, there is still an element of calm..

What do you think?
See a little "Modage" in your future?

To inject a little of their style into your space,
 check out the online store..
the wallpaper is inspired :)

til next time..

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RedHead said...

Love it! These rooms are amazing! And that bathroom is wonderful!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Love the pink powderroom. I think we have a Thomas Paul fabric with that design...going to check at the studio tomorrow...I don't remember it in pink, so I'll be researching. Thanks for sharing. Love it.


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