How a Unified Palette Expands Your Space

Check out this fantastic small apartment I found.

A perfect example of how a simplified and cohesive palette 
makes your space feel larger.

Obviously white is a common choice in a small space,
but here they have used the right whites. 
Warm white softens all the angular lines and enhances the wood.
 Introducing soft neutrals like the kitchen cabinet doors and sofa,
 keep it a bit more interesting.

wooden dining table

white cabinet

white refrigerator

The abundance of wood pieces amp up the cozy factor,
by choosing all mid-tone stains, many woods mix here 
 while still relating to each other.
So clever to whitewash the floors and avoid a cabin feel.
Don't you love those doors?

working desk

Opting for a simple bed base with no headboard will make guests
 feel less like they are sitting in your bedroom.

comfy bed

Nice sunny spot to relax, the only thing I would do here is lower the art a little!!
A tall person must live here :)

white sofa

Smart details - mirror captures light from the living space and reflects it into the office,
creating the illusion and ambiance of a window.
A mix of contemporary and traditional accessories in white and clear glass add interest without overwhelming the proportions.

And I want that faceted vase! passed on a sweet one a while back and now I regret it..

Such a fab wee abode, don't you think?

til next time..
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Anonymous said...

No pictures are showing in this article!
I'd love to see what you mean ;-)

On another note: you are one of my absolute favourite bloggers on interior design and colour. You really know your subject. Kudos.


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