A Moment to Breathe..

As promised, those dreamy pools by Pinakin Patel Associates:
I really admire the way he has created the appropriate space for each home.

  One from an "Urban Refuge".. 

 Sleek and sexy - perfect for a modern city home.
Stilettos would be very at home here.

This next one is from a "Country Retreat"
To be honest, the pool isn't the only thing I love here :)

The pool? No, the pond...

Feel your pulse slowing?
Meander over to the pool..

Simplicity and comfort.. ease..

Fragrant floating vessels adorn the pool..

The next is from a "Hillside Estate"
This is the sort of place that nourishes the soul as much as the body.
Start your journey at the spa..

follow the sun out to the pool..

love the organic feel to this poolside area,
soft curves mimic gentle waves..

pick up a glass of wine at the bar - 
imagine those lanterns in the evening..

Then settle in to watch the sunlight from a gorgeous vista.

These pools have me daydreaming
sunsets and mojitos.

Which one is your favourite?

til next time..

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Kelly loves ... said...

i love outdoor rooms. i love them all.



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