Twilight: I May Consider Becoming a Vampire To Live Here

architect house7

While Bella is ready to become a vampire to be with Edward eternally,
 I think I would be more excited about living here:

The Hoke House by Skylab Architecture

architect house

architect house6

The exterior is an architectural masterpiece, readying you for
A STUNNING interior...

architect house10architect house9

The real life inhabitants..

architect house4

methinks that is a custom sofa..

architect house3

While this vignette is clearly styled,
this pottery display behind the sofa and long, low art appeal to the symmetry lover in me..
and I''ll always adore those graceful lamps.

architect house2

twilight hoke house11 The Cullen House from Twilight   The Hoke House

who needs art, really, when this is your view...

architect house8

Edwards bedroom...

This scrumptious abode was used only for the outdoor shots - 
all the interior scenes were filmed in a different house, 
designed by the late Canadian Architect Arthur Erickson, and built in the 1950's.

This spectacular home in West Van is up for sale, and has been for quite some time..
I imagine the droves of fans popping in would be slightly overwhelming.
Maybe that was what inspired the change of venue from the previous movie.

Those vampires know their way around a room!
Fantastic art and the green is perfect for a home so connected to nature.

I am not at all certain about which site is being used for Eclipse,
 and rather than research it I will wait to see it tonight..

It is Twilight Eclipse by any name. The Premiere is tonight in Los Angeles. June 24, 2010

Yes, tonight, dear friends, I will attend the premiere of eclipse with another Mum
 and four blissfully infactuated young ladies.
They will breathlessly swoon over the delicious boys and
 I will breathlessly swoon over the delicious architecture!

(sorry about the loopy photo arrangement, blogger is being difficult this morn!)

til next time..

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I love this!!!! How cool that you found pics of the real house!!! I've drooled over this house in the first two movies. The owners of the house have it now paid off and then some, plus they have bragging rights. Good for them!

thanks so much for sharing!!! This post beats my post today! ha!



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