Want to See What I Found This Weekend?

So after a long chilly winter, Canadians get spring fever like nobody's business..

Once the temperature is firmly above freezing
 the house windows are flung open,
car windows are rolled down, and the parks fill...
everywhere you go people are outside,
 sucking up oxygen like they've just escaped prison :)

this brings us to spring cleaning, and my favourite saturday morning jaunts.. yard sales.

you'd really HAVE to turn around for that one, wouldn't you?
imagine the things they would have - hilarious!

I'm not going to pretend that I am a casual treasure hunter..
for two months each spring the kids know that on Saturday morning
  Mom leaves by 7:30 -
 and if they want to try their luck at finding a new truck or book
 they have have to be up and ready to go...

D. prefers to stay in bed :)

Girls who don't like their feet No.1 by sixbysixtasy.

So do you want to see my score from this weekend?

A beautiful bookshelf...
handmade from reclaimed lumber using joinery, and no voc finishes -
love it!

The gentleman who made this is retired, and this is a hobby.
 After asking about a huge glass urn filled to the brim with matchbooks,
 he told me about his life-
 his time with the Crazy Canucks, how he had owned a race car team...
such full and interesting years.

This piece was made for his daughter, 
but she couldn't fit it into her space - it's quite large - 
and she decided to give it up.
Now it has new home in our bedroom, 
and I will take excellent care of it, as promised.

Can't wait to see what's out there next week!

til next time..

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Unknown said...

It's gorgeous, it looks amazing in your space! And by crazy canucks does he mean us Canadians? ;) xx

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

What a great score. I also love the garage sales but am too darn lazy to get up on a Saturday so I usually find the dregs.


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