Artist Profile: Sandra Cohen

Have you seen the work of Artist Sandra Cohen?
She has a unique way of incorperating geometrics and texture into a piece..
I am really taken with her work.

 Sandra's interpretations are as fascinating as the work itself.

comment: inspired by how viruses procreate, the Bob Marley song kept creeping into her head

"I Wanna Luv Ya"

I wanna luv ya

comment: she's elusive, can't be fixed upon directly

"She of my Mind is the Pleiades"

she of my mind is the Pleiades

comment: a Chinese flower motif abstracted to allow a visual algorythm of transformation process to surface.. in a similar way as tree-rings

"Chinese Flower Time-Lapse"

Chinese-flower time-lapse

comment: ever wish you could wipe your own memory as easily as defragmenting your computer?



Her work has had more and more reference to the human form.
The above painting is from 2010, and is her newest piece.
I picture this in enormous proportions, over a low platform bed... it beats a landscape for inspiration ;)
if you love these as much as I do, you can buy prints here.

til next time..

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1 comment:

Amy @ Varnish said...

Thank you for introducing me to Sarah's work- it's beautiful!


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