Beach week: Mod Beach House- Studiomama's UK Retreat

Beach week continues.. a rather late post, but better than no post at all :)
summer+kiddies and the madness ensues at my house..

 this one is super-cool! I'd love to hang here.

Nina Tolstrup of Studiamama
packed this 388 square foot waterfront chalet 
with a kitchen, bath, living dining space, sleeping loft and bunks for her children.

with this facade you know you are in for a treat..

simplicity reigns.. and the atmosphere is chill.

the perfect place for dreams of pirate adventure and slaying sea serpents..

one of Nina's pallet chairs snugs up to a wood stove.. 
what a setting for
lazy afternoons with a great read...
marathon board game tourneys..
wine and a laugh on a friday evening.

Love, love, love it.

A fantastic wee getaway by the sea..
who wants one?!!

til next time..

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- said...

so small yet so wonderful! I love it, I want it! :-)

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

me too! maybe they'll ship in bulk..


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