Dawn LeBlanc: Unmasking Beauty through Photography

I'm not really even sure how to describe these images.
A bit speechless - which is very unusual for me :)

My Aunt used to press flowers and make her own stationary.
Every occasion a handmade card would come in the mail, 
the beauty of the most common flowers and foilage was exposed there... 
 forever preserved within.
I cherished them, tucking those bits of paper away...

Thats what these images remind me of.
Photographer Dawn LeBlanc is documenting nature's exquisite radiance for all of us - 
a reminder that we don't always have to create new visual treats,
 we just have to be mindful of the ones we are overlooking.

Lizanthus in Space

Lizianthus in Space



The Sprite

The Sprite II

Dahlietta in White

Dahlietta in White

Leaves I - this was the image that led me to Dawn's work..

Leaves I

and finally.. Red Sunflower, can't you feel it's pride in a job well done?

Red Sunflower

Stunning. Open-mouthed gaping.. so wonderful.

Tomorrow the extended family arrives for a beach day and overnight visit - 
catch you on the flipside :)

til next time...
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Chats with Jack said...

The red sunflower is GORGEOUS! I love the new header--it just fits. ;-)

StarletStarlet said...

They are stunning! I especially adore the white Dahlia - leaving me feeling so serene and peaceful.

Would be great for a spa-like bathroom or even master bedroom, no?

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Completely agree, Scarlett! And thanks, Abby - I have been going through different logo options but it's exactly as you described - this one just fits!


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