Lonny Love

Sorry for the absence..
Summer bbqs, beach love and day trips have been taking precedence over the blog..
the posts may be a bit sparser as we try to savour each and every remaining bit of sunshine..

Have you had a peek at the Lonny mag yet?
packed with inspiration, as per usual!

Love the wardrobe-to-room translation for J Crew 
(is anyone not drooling over their fall collection?!)

I have a feeling Callie Jenschke and I would get on swimmingly..

and why, oh why can we not get Target goods up here?
I love the collection John Derian is doing for fall:

Was really interested to read the article on Rachel Ashwell.
Shabby chic was never quite my style - 
florals and ruffles and crystal and white were a bit much all together, 
I'd need some serious steel and concrete to balance all that pretty out.
That said, I love how she repurposes old worn objects,
love the linen and distressed finishes in her spaces.

She has returned to London, reinvented her brand (Rachell Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture),
and opened three new shops that don't make any compromises on what she loves..
it requires bravery to continue on when you have been forced to 
close your company, and I have a real respect for this woman.

The article is worth a read.. 

So what were your favourite parts of this Issue of Lonny?
What inspired you?

til next time..

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Unknown said...

Lonny always inspires me...I think I need to go back and reread and redrool!:)

laura said...

wow best pics I have seen in a long time!!!! Glad I found you. xoxo Laura


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