Must-See: The DeCesare Design Group

One word - scale.
That's what I thought when I first saw these interiors.
After exploring the site further, I took another look.

The DeCesare Design Group consists of one principal Designer, Caroline Tyler DeCesare,
 several design, office, and studio assistants, and an installation team.

I know this because Carolyn DeCesare has placed professional bio's
 of each of these individuals on her site.
Rarely does anyone fully credit the team that makes it possible to create these stunning spaces,
and I think that graciousness extends into her design.

So we have two words now - scale and graciousness!

Now these kitchens.. 
We don't all have the space, but the style can be adapted on a smaller scale -

the serene space..

for those who love to cook and entertain, the energy is amped up with contrast and color:

I need those lights. Need.

I am a white cabinet kinda girl, but his one has me dreaming..

A sultry dining room - love the mix of finishes in here.

The mirror - oh!

That dining room really needs a splashy living room to join it, don't you think?
How about a Fortuny light, my all-time favourite.

Baths you'd want to spend time in..

and somewhere to take it all in..

See what I mean about scale?

off to work.. color for three teen bedrooms this afternoon..
hope you all are having as super a day as I am..

Wouldn't it be nice to be working here :) ?

tomorrow I will show you some of their office spaces - fantabulous!

til next time..

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Unknown said...

I am in love with all of those rooms and couldn't stop staring at each one in detail.....I love this post, thanks and glad I founf your blog.

Chats with Jack said...

Sigh. This makes my heart ache--but in a good way. It's amazing one can love something so abstract so much. Is that too cheesy? I want to crawl into each of those rooms.

Chats with Jack said...

P.S. Love the new look on your blog!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Abby, sometimes rooms make my heart ache, too! Glad I'm not alone..

Unknown said...

Makes me want to paint every bit of furniture we own! What lovely examples you've shared.
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