Russian Talent

I have had the site for Andrey Zharnitskiy bookmarked for a while..
Ikept intending to find out more about them - my Russian is a little rusty!

But we all want pics, not words, don't we?!!

lighting love

 looks like an art installation, doesn't it? The illuminated headboard must be gorgeous at night..

Under-bed lighting - love it or hate it? 
The grouping of small pendants over the dressing table is wonderful - detail below..

I am desperate to bring a plant into this kitchen :)
but do you see that lighting?!!

This belongs over my dining room table :)

fab built-in's

details, details

the lattice is fantastic, right? 
not sure if those are fake fur covered walls, but I think I'd skip that part..
bad memories of the late seventies (yes, I was alive then, but very young. very.)

the other side of that bedroom from lighting..

can you say lounge?

beautiful handles

This might steal the show, but what fun..

a smile every time you open it..

love this modern mural..

I'll leave you with a selection of drool-worthy floors..

Hope you enjoyed..

til next time..
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Chats with Jack said...

Wow. It's too difficult to pick a favorite fixture. Thanks for sharing the work!


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