Fresh, Modern Cabin

Being Canadian, I've spent my fair share of time in dark, oppressive log cabins, and have a tendency to recoil from the words  "wood panelling"..

But this couple took the challenge of an old wood cabin head on..
with a few extra windows, an liberated floor plan, and loads of white paint,
this log home becomes the perfect escape.

Windows, windows and more windows - the view becomes the art.

Truly a great room.. isn't that sliding privacy panel on the loft fantastic?

Love the use of complementary red and green here - 
because complements intensify each other, they are best used in small doses.
Just enough colour to anchor this grouping in the massive space.

I wanted to see around this cornaer - alas, no pics.. but I do spy a screened in porch - love it :)

The den and bedroom were painted in subdued, nature-based, cocooning tones - restful and relaxing.
Note the lack of window treatments anywhere in this home, such a luxury to not need them.

I'd happily head here on the weekends..

til next time..

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1 comment:

Sam said...

fab getaway! Love the color.


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