Eye Spy a Trend: Fabulous Grass Cloth Walls

I've just had time to flip through the new Lonny (loved this issue, btw).
 I've found the same solution to an age old problem three times in this issue -
  that, my fellow design junkies qualifies as a trend.

Designers are constantly bombarded with new product and inspiration.
This means their homes are constantly evolving, in with the new and out with the old..
I'm like this with color - never really finished our own home
 because there's always a fantastic new color that I need to incorperate :)

One of the easiest ways to change up a room is with art, 
but what about those constant holes in the walls?

The answer, my dears - grasscloth.

Palmer Weiss has covered that walls of her children's playroom in it..

Celerie Kemble has used it in her living room..
(oh, how I love this room, timeless beauty)

and although it's not confirmed, it appears Lulu DeKwiatkowski has put it in her sons bedroom..

and her guestroom..

and her dining room..

Grass cloth, and it's cousins, pick up on the camel trend that's about to hit.

It's a fantastic backdrop to the saturated mid-tones we're seeing now..

It's provides texture and interest without becoming the star attraction in a room,
 like wall paper has a tendency to do..

and it gives you the freedom to change up your walls on a whim -
 what could be better for us design junkies?!

On a side note, I am in love with most of John Robshaw's home -
that post is coming..

til next time...

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Rebecca said...

I've been eyeballing grasscloth for a while now. This was great inspiration!

Sarah said...

Celerie Kemble's living room is dreamy! Loving this issue of Lonny.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

it is getting around a bit isnt it?! can see why though , it looks stunning.


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