Woodland Chandelier - Sculptural Lighting

As a bit of a tree enthusiast,
I love objects made from branches and stumps
where the tree still retains some of its identity.

Twig chandeliers and the branch versions of late speak to me in ways no crystal configuration ever could.

So when I got this in my inbox yesterday, I swooned.

delicate, sculptural, just the right amount of light..
Perfect, really.

Jessica Bodner makes heaps of beautiful lighting...

I have long admired her previous branch version - though it is too bejeweled for me..

the craftsmanship is incredible - look at this detail!

Right then, back to reality - off to inject some color into an office - have a lovely day..

til next time..

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Kerry said...

Those are beautiful! That first one just blew me away! Thanks for sharing Anne-Marie!

Anonymous said...

I'm craving that beehive chandlier. The pattern that it leaves on the wall is amazing. Plus I think it sets a slight mysterious mood. I wish you could inject some color into my office... the walls a sad sad shade of creamy gray.

Alex said...

Love these! Thanks for introducing me to her work.


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