The Selby's New "Model's Own" Campaign

We see them at the shows, and on the street...
always looking effortlessly chic.

The cool kids, they work by day, and party by night.
Models live hard.
But where do they go when the cameras are off?

Don't you wonder what their homes look like -
Are they as fashionable as the models?
Are they bare bones, a drop-in point?
Are they cosy nests, a retreat from the frantic pace they keep?

Todd Selby has done a holiday campaign for ASOS
with each model featured in their own home.

Photo: Todd Selby for ASOS 2010

Photo: Todd Selby for ASOS 2010

What do you think?
Any elements here you would like to have in your space?
I'm loving the panelled walls art display in the first,
and the relaxed industrial vibe of the last.

til next time..

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Angela said...

Lots of things I love! I love just about everything in the photo with the disco ball.

Karena said...

I too love the paneling filled with wonderful art!!Also cool table in next to last image!

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Art by Karena


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