An Early Gift for Owl Lovers: Free Calendar

Found this over on Decor8,
always a treasure trove of goodies :)

Shivani, the author of My Owl Barn
is offering an Owl Lover Calendar for 2011.
She has worked with heaps of talented Artists to create this downloadable version,
 which is free (!!) and allows you to choose 12 of 30 different images to create your own version.

I just downloaded mine, and it will be living on my desk next year.
Thank You, Shivani, and all the artists who generously made this possible.

hope you're having a lovely, relaxing Sunday-

til next time..

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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

What a great find! I love owls and the artists works are wonderful. I like your owl selections. Enjoy your Sunday too!

abbymanchesky@gmail.com said...

These are so sweet!! I love that she has so many to choose from...so generous of her. I will need to re-post but I will be sure to credit you!

jodie said...

I love owls and my daughter has just started collecting them. The pink owl on the dark background is gorgeous. Josie


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