Tree Week: A Modern Version For Under $10!

It's tree week!
With the holiday decorating in full swing, I am obsessing a little over trees.

These are my favourite sort of trees at the moment.
Today I will be skulking (even the word sounds fun, really :)
around the woods behind my place to find some large branches...



Simplified color. 
I sort of love this for Christmas.
Let's just skip the baubles..

Painted Branch.jpg

but I'd like something a bit more tactile,
 and voila-
the winner!

yarn branch art piece thing

little winter

There's nothing quite like wool knits for the winter - mittens, sweaters, throws, pillows
I'm a yarn junkie :)

Can't wait to get them made!
And a few of these to decorate the presents -
we made those last year as well.


Am working on the finishing bits for the chandelier today,
 so I will post pics of the branches and that shortly, hope you can stop by.

Just wanted to share a bit of good news and a HUGE thank you before I go -
 I won two giveaways on Monday :)

The first from Natalie at The Daily Imprint,
was for these adorable holiday decorations, 
generously gifted by the talented women of Polli:

Natalie is a Deputy Editor on Real Living Magazine, and it shows in her writing :)
She features fresh, insightful interviews with interesting creative minds frequently on her blog.
Stop by, you'll enjoy it.

The second giveaway, from the charming Jennifer at Rambling Renovators,
Will be heading down there this Sunday :)

Their blog follows Jennifer, husband and daughter Chloe (great name :)
as the super-talented couple renovate their home in Toronto.
There's heaps of great DIY and beautiful design - it's one of my favourite reads.

Thank you so much, ladies.
You made my week!

til next time..
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Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I love the branches you've shown. Hope you find some good ones. And have fun at the One of a Kind Show!

Kellie Collis said...

I love handmade decors! They are unique and becomes memorable to me. Enjoy the rest of the week, Kellie xx

Unknown said...

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