Resolution Week: Number 1, Taking Time For Your Mind and Body

I used to do yoga each and every day.

yoga room.jpg

It's my favourite way to strengthen and tone because it creates such a
calm within your body and your mind.


Having three children enables you to appreciate quiet in a unique way :)


I love the simplicity.
You don't need much space or equipment, just a slice of floor and a place to keep your mat.
(umbrella stands work really well)

People hitting the gym on vacation used to seem ridiculous.
Then I discovered yoga.
Now I am that person carrying on her yoga mat
 for fear it will be lost in the baggage compartment :)
Who cares about the clothes, save the lululemon mat!


Last year I took a break due to injury, and fell out of habit.
 But I so miss that sliver of peace...and the refreshment and energy it brings.
Resolution number 1 is about giving exercise and meditation the priority it deserves in 2011.

til next time..
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Unknown said...

Mmm...I've always wanted to start doing yoga, but school & lack of space in my apartment seem to get in the way.

Happy New Year!

Kerry said...

Happy New Year and all the best for 2011. I'm thinking of taking up Yoga as well... I need to get more exercise for sure, but need to figure out what's right for me I think! :)

StarletStarlet said...

Beautiful post. Inspire me to do yoga again.

Design Elements said...

that yoga image is amazing! happy new year!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

I absolutely love doing yoga....but I need to create a better space in my home for it. If I had any of the spaces in those first three photos, it'd be so easy to commit to daily practice! :)


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