Telling a Cutlery Story..

I know I have a problem with Anthropologie.

The reason I love this store so
is because they aren't selling trends as much as

When I was young and broke and a hopeless optimist 
I had many friends and often threw informal, spur-of-the-moment soirees.
I had the style of a gypsy and everything was colorful and mismatched,
but somehow it all worked anyhow.

Cutlery was no exception.
The patina of old silver is too beautiful to resist and 
quite a collection of flea market bundles found their way home..
Meaning no two were the same :)

A roommate inherited this when I went adventuring 
but every so often when setting the table I find myself wishing for those odd forks and spoons..

so am delighted to see this over at Anthropologie:

"antique and vintage delightfully mismatched sets of five"
"each place setting is completely unique"

see? They GET it.

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Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Anne-Marie, I love this look. I am always looking at mismatched pieces at flea markets. If I allowed myself, I'd have place settings for 32!

Kerry said...

I'm lucky enough to be visiting Washington and NY in March for work (from Australia)and Anthropologie is high on my list of 'sights' to see :)

Mel said...

I like the mismatched cutlery.

Way back when, before dinosaurs (ok, I'm not really that old, but it was in the 80's), there was a restaurant on Gerrard St. in old cabbagetown in Toronto, that had mismatched cutlery and dining ware. If you were to find any two pieces that matched, your meal was on the house. It was a blast to eat there.

Abby M. Interiors said...

How can it be a problem when it's Oh-So-Good?!

Unknown said...

I get it...there is such a great story with vintage pieces! Great post!

Ashley said...

Such a great idea from anthro... I too am obsessed..

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

I have two sets of cutlery inherited from my mother but they don't work together at all. I see now, the trick is for all of the pieces to be different. hmmm....

And thank you, Anne-Marie, for the listing in your blogroll. I'm honored.

Jennifer S. said...

I just found your blog today and I must admit I think its pretty awesome!!! I am def a new follower..



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