Yesterday a lovely little note from Marilyn of A Love affair With Color
popped into my inbox.

Marilyn very kindly nominated me for the Stylish Blogger award - thank you!
If you have ever been over to the love affair blog, you will know why I am so flattered -
 Marilyn has fabulous style,
and her blog is always an interesting read -
drop by and explore..

Marilyn shared her need for speed 
(I can relate! read on - x)
and had me in tears (again, read on) with how much she misses her Mom.

and now it's my turn..

Having once received the Beautiful Blogger award
 from the lovely Layers and Layers ladies,
I am going to re-post 10 things you didn't know about 10 Rooms..

1.  I have lived in 17 different homes. 14 after the age of 18, when I left home. I've never actually counted that out before... um, I swear I am not a compulsive mover, LOL. It has been one year and three days since the last move, and we are staying in this one, really :)
*update: still here! So proud of us...although the price of homes in Whistler has dropped quite a lot!

2.  I really only cook on weekends, because we usually have people in. I do like eating.. but the hours it takes to prepare something really fabulous? Um, no.  D. is a prince and frequently turns up at dinner with yummy take-out or offers to BBQ.. and has never, even once, grumbled when I have forgotten about dinner altogether, tee hee..

3.  I once lived in a VW van for two months.  It was an adventure that had no schedule, and when we reached Tijuana we felt like it was either commit to a huge trip or head back home... the lure of a stove and a hot shower every day was too much to bear. We met some compadres (BC), crazies (New Mexico), pretty amazing surfer dudes (Cali, of course) and saw a side of the human nature that we are never likely to forget.

4.  I can be found riding around on jetskiis, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes.  I love the speed.  Growing up with three brothers brings out the adreneline lover in you.
(thereby understanding Marilyn's the need for speed. completely.)

5.  I am a cryer.  Coke commercials, ballet recitals, you name it - I cry.  Sometimes it's a bit embarrassing - in the line at the grocery store, for example :) I wasn't always like this - some super-sweet guy altered me in ways I wasn't prepared for - x

6.  I have dreams about decorating.  Is that scary?   Choosing colors, putting up wallpaper.. puh-lease tell me I am not the only one?!!
*and I dream in color, which i've just been told is unusual - is that true? 
Do you dream in color? How can you dream WITHOUT color?

7.  I love to fly!  I can't understand the fear some people experience when flying.  Flying means travelling, that means new vistas, adventure.. grab the suitcases and go!!  I am on a super-high when boarding a plane, I think it's actually a little annoying - D?!

8.  I am a tea junkie.  Orange pekoe, chai, licorice, hell, I'll even try that crazy puerh tea.. if it's brewable I've probably drunk it.. This is an improvement from my bartending days.. when it wasn't so much tea I was subsisting on LOL

9. I am stubborn to the point of ridiculousness.  Once I start on a course of action, there really isn't much point trying to stop me.  I cheekily justify this craziness by quoting Thomas Edison:
 "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that do not work."

10. I really do not like being the center of attention.  I prefer one-on-one conversations to big parties, and  time with my family to just about anything else...
 so on that note..

I am saying thank you again to Marilyn and passing this award on to a few people you should get to know if you already don't, because they're great:

Abby of A Delightful Design is post real bits about following her dream of being an Interior Decorator, while raising two adorable little boys and being "her husbands girlfriend". 

The Runaway Romantique is living a fab life in Paris, and takes us along on her dreamy adventure.

Barbara of Hodge:Podge is super-creative and does really good DIY - you'll learn something here!

congrats. ladies! looking forward to your posts..

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Heather said...

Congratulations! I love the new look but more I love that you lived in a VW Van!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Aagh! How fun is this! Thank you...honored.
But let's address your list! I have a hard time picturing you riding dirt bikes--so that was fun. I too dream about design AND I dream in color. I also dream about blogging. You?

Unknown said...

You're so welcome. I love this post. I too enjoy snowmobiling and jet skiing. There's a tom-boy in me somewhere I'm sure. lol. I tried parasailing last year, which was really cool because I'm so afraid of heights. Wow, in a VW for two months - that must have been quite an adventure. That's awesome. I'm glad to know you a bit more.

Unknown said...

I won the stylish blogger award to...but I have to say your list was one of the best reads...thanks for sharing :) XOXO

Barbara Matson said...

Thanks for the award! Wow, so flattered! Love your post - fun to find out about you! I love snowmobiling, I also tried parasailing in Kelowna this summer with my hubby and kids. I also have moved around but not as much as you. AND I dream about decorating and in colour as well. Sometimes I can't get to sleep because I have so many design ideas and projects just swimming in my brain!

You don't live in Whistler do you? Our family's favourite playground, skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer!

Thanks again!


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