Palm Beach Week: Then til Now

Palm Beach.

Long a playground for America's wealthy,
whose classic preppy style and colorful take on life
have created a distinctive style.

Feeling a bit spring feverish here, so
this week I am going to bring you my Palm Beach favourites -
homes, locals, shopping. 
On friday we'll look at how to incorperate this
whirl of fun into your own space.
Are you ready?!
Bring on the beach...

The people that started it all..

Henry Morison Flagler built the original Palm Beach hotels, 
The Royal Poinciana Hotel and The Breakers hotel.

then he built himself Whitehall.

The Wrightsman's Stephane Boudin - designed home
set the tone for the color and pattern we see today.

Although a more traditional design lives here..

today families like the Lauders embrace the playful layers of Palm Beach decor..
How many pink sinks have been removed from homes? They added one!
The walls are the stars here, furnishing are clean-lined and fabrics are solids.

Patterns upon patterns, colors upon colors - after all, if you can't have fun here, where can you?!

This bedroom is so well done - perfectly matched intensities make the watermelon and lime combo sing!

These walls are perfection - complements apricot and sky blue are lively, 
but not as energetic as their more saturated counterparts,
blue and orange, which are used as accents.
A cohesive scheme is used throughout, varying intensity of color rather than palette.

The bits of yellow and green keep an otherwise cool blue and white palette from becoming cold.

Just makes you want to break out the flip flops and cocoa butter, doesn't it?!
and we're only at day one...

Tomorrow I am going to be featuring a Palm Beach girl, Lily Pulitzer..
her whimsical, light-hearted, live-in-the-moment philosophy reflects the heart of Palm Beach.
hope you'll drop by :)

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Unknown said...

So fun!! Love the colours and patterns!!!

Sarah said...

I am loving all this color! The view out my window is dismal. Thanks for the spring moment!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Dang girl! Look at your blog! I love all the little changes. :-)

Great, beautiful, happy, inspiring post. Can't wait for tomorrow! xoxo,

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I think we could all use a trip to Palm Beach right about now. What a great idea to dedicate a whole week to it.
Your blog header and the sidebar changes are so beautiful. Did you do those yourself??

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

such a great post - love this style. A definite top ten destination on the must see soon list for me. xx

Unknown said...

LOVE the new header! And all that coral against teal and blues.. someone take me to Palm Beach.. stat!

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