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The third Crushing On Color post is from
the fearless

Hey, 10 Rooms readers, I'm Elle from SWITCHEROOm

When Anne-Marie emailed me for a guest post about favorite colors, I was thrilled and confused. Confused because I was racking my brain for my current favorite color and I can't decide on one! There's just a lot of gorgeous color out there that I can't possibly narrow it down.

So I decided to just do a little time line of the colors that swept me off my feet from childhood 'til now.


Yeah, what a cliche! Most of little girl's dream color, myself included. 
My room experienced some pink overload, from the paint, to the blinds, and even the bedding!

Teenager: BLUE

At this point, I feel a bit grown-up and put my pink obsession aside. 
My rebellious mind thought that pink are for kids, "What pink?? EEW." 
So I head over the other side of the color wheel and focus on blue. 
Painted my room sky blue. 

Almost Adult: Lime & Orange

I tried to combine two colors at this stage of my color life. 
I felt so experimental -silly me! 
Those two are just fun to look at and so energizing. 
Again, painted my room this combination!

Now:  A LOT!!

My knowledge and taste expands and I learn to appreciate a lot of colors. 
I'm now back to loving pink (it's not just for kids!), 
and I'm in awe of different color combination I see around the web. 
I think any color can be fabulous if done right.

Here are my current color crushes:

Bright colors against crisp white surroundings

Yellow and Grey

Turquoise (In all shades and form!)

Here are some of the colors we have around our house:

See? I told you I love a lot of colors!

Thank you so much Anne-Marie for having me here,
truly enjoyed going down my color memory lane!


Thanks Elle! 
You have one of the most most interesting,
original styles I've seen.
Most people are afraid of color and have to be coerced into bits of brights - 
but you happily frolick in a rainbow of hues,
ignoring the rules, following your heart - 
and that makes your house a stand-out.

Drop by Elle's blog, SWITCHEROOm,
because you never know what this gal is up to.

Our next Crushing on Color post is thursday,
and trust me, 
you won't want to miss this magically beautiful post...

x am

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abby @ a delightful design said...

Beautiful! I loved reading your timeline of color! Lately, I've been feeling a bit bored looking at blogs because there is too much of the same everywhere. But YOU have your own style and I love it!!

Unknown said...

Loved all of this delicious colour and I'm with Abby, just love love Elle's dramatic style- excited to learn of her blog!!

Unknown said...

So neat to see your timeline Elle!! You know I love your blog & style :)

anyaadores said...

I love what Elle did -it's amazing, an explosion of color always make me smile :)

Elle Uy said...

Anne-Marie!!!!! Just excited to see this post up!:) Thank you so much letting me be a part of this fun series.

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Thank YOU, Elle! I always look forward to your posts, and this one was no exception :) I think you are a bit like me, looking around the house, with a twinkle in your eye, scheming about your next project... x

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