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Today's Crushing on Color post is brought to you by
the creative wonder,

The ceiling in my office is littered with lanterns.  
All different colors and sizes.  
It started off as a simple little collection and grew into something much bigger.  
What I love about the lanterns, is that when my day becomes to much, 
I take a moment, lay on the floor and drift away with my lanterns.
The best part is watching my cat Marmalade; 
somedays he is really determined to find a way to play with them.  
He has yet to succeed, but it’s fun watching him try. 
Plus my office is just a bottle of champagne and a 
few hors d'oeuvres away from being a cocktail party!

Organization is one of my hobbies (I know, it's a strange hobby).
 As a result, I take organization pretty seriously. 
So it's no surprise that most of my storage is colorful. 
It makes opening up my closet or glancing past my shelves
 a lot like stepping through a box of crayons. 
Oddly enough, it also helps me remember where I put things. 
Trust me, a color system is much more fun than numbers and boring labels.

It’s absolutely amazing how much fun a grocery list
 or to do list can be when you add a little color.  
I rarely use the typical; black, red or blue ink, 

I’m more of a Fandango Pink or Deep Sea Blue.  

I love taking notes or just doodling with a full array of colors at hand. 
As I’ve already mention before I love what bic is doing with the permanant marker.  
Copic is my personal favorite with their ability for great blending and shading.  

I’ve seen this tape used so many ways it’s impossible to not love it.  
From wrapping presents, a delightful border, 
or an amazing Art Installation, like the one found in the Kate Spade New York.  
In my office, however, we use it for amazing games of wall tick tac toe
 or just taping a co-worker to their seat. 
Though most recently it was used to add hopscotch
 in the hallway leading to the break room!  
It makes a typical day at work a little more entertaining.

Pantone is the expert on color.  
So it’s easy to see how they are a big part of my world.  
With the introduction of their iPhone App finding the perfect color
 on the go just got a lot easier. 
But my Pantone Eyewear is my personal favorite.  
One frame that will consistently fulfill your ever changing preference towards color.  
It’s like a mood ring but for eyewear. 
Pantone also offers a plethora of items for the home, 
from usb flash drivers to adorable mugs.  
But for most designers, amateur and professional, 
the Geo System and Guide has become their Bible of Color.

The eight year old in me was overjoyed when she discovered Make Up For Ever!  
They have a large color palette, that can inspire High Definition, Daring looks.  
I have to admit every once and a while I feel the need
 to let my inner eight year old out to play in my make up. 
So whether you are heading out to work or just spending a Saturday night in, 
Make Up For Ever is something you have to try. 

There are so many ways to brighten up your day so here are few more options to try.  
If you have to wear a uniform or color is frowned upon where you work, 
use your undergarments to brighten your day.  

Never underestimate the power of Yellow Panties. 

Reading glasses don’t have to be dowdy, so pick a fun fabulous pair. 

For more lovely ways to brighten up your day,
 stay tuned to Project Gadabout and 10 Rooms
 for More Captivating Color.


The girl has some serious graphic design skills, yes?!
As if this post wasn't enough,
Poppy has provided me a gorgeous Shopping Guide for all of these goodies - 
heaps of secret sources that I did not know about...
head over to her post today to download it...

Project Gadabout is  such an entertaining, bubbly little spot -
it's like a girls night out in every post.
I am always amazed at Poppy's creativity and wit.

And that wraps up our Crushing on Color posts.

I can't thank these ladies enough for their time and effort,
and the fabulousness they have brought to the blog the past two weeks -

Since we've had such a great time with it, 
I'm thinking this may become a regular feature of the blog -
so if you are interested in guest posting,
let me know -
I'd love to hear about your love for color - 

be back next week - x am

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, Poppy's post is AMAZING!! There is just so much to take in- I'm going to ho have to reread a few times just to soak it all up. And agreed, she has some mad graphic design skills!!
Loved this series and thanks so much for having me take part- was such a fun post to put together!!

The enchanted home said...

What an amazing post! Love it!! All the color was just what I needed to start my day, so uplifting and happy. Wonderfully done.

Unknown said...

Fabulous post!! Definitely going to check out some of those super fun Pantone products!

Love Design Company said...

i love the lantern idea. i think i am going to try it! Thanks for sharing, awesome blog!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Dang--this girl has style! Color just makes me happy and this post was fabulous!

We're so glad to have you back!!


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