Artist: Sally King Benedict

Lately I've been craving neutrals with a pop of color....

and the work of Sally King Benedict has captured me.

a softer take on geometrics, these canvasses live and breathe movement,
offering up a gorgeous study of color and form...

beautiful, non?

I could spend all day cruising art sites, really.
But not today -  off to the city for a girls day of shopping with Tash!

It's tradition for us to spend a day down there each spring...
this year she has birthday money and it's burning a hole in her pocket :)

time to visit our favourite spots..

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend - x

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Mel said...

Makes me want to head down to TO. I haven't been to Dundas Square in years, and my how it has changed.

Have a fab day in the city.

The enchanted home said...

Love Sally's art..the colors are stunning. I agree a neutral room with just a pop of color is soo pretty and visually makes such a beautiful room. I love the images you chose as examples..stunning!

Anonymous said...

That yellow rug is perfect. My living room could use a pop of color. Somehow I love color and my living room is lacking it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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