Muriel Brandolini: Part Two

Last week I posted about Muriel Brandolini's new book,
and we looked at pics of her townhouse from 1997, 2006, and now.
They were a testament to how her style has evolved over the years.

It's refreshing to see a designer refusing to be pigeon-holed into one style,
so often designer's become known for one look, and find themselves stuck in repetition.

Although she has morphed out of the haute hippie look,
with less layering and less detail,
her work has lost none of it's interest and relaxed vibe.
I prefer her current pared-down aesthetic,
it allows her spectacular pieces room to breathe.

I'm sure you've seen this serene hallway before...
it's floated around quite frequently -
but how about the rest of the Southampton space?

It's all about color gradation here, 
 analogous color in varying intensity makes for a visually soothing environment.

The hits of black and grey here bring the tv into the room.
The black screen could almost be an art installation presented in this way, couldn't it?

an office remains airy with a fretwork desk,
a medley of books is made cohesive and showcased with clever shelving.

You may think Muriel Brandolinin is all about color, but
this Chelsea apartment shows how well she can work neutrals.

The ethereal bedroom is so soft and dreamy, all the in the palest creams and taupes,
but the sculptural lighting (a signature) and modernist lavender chair keep the room fresh.

I'm kind of in love with that bed!

The living room layers in more purple tones, and the teal and yellow greens also begin to appear.

Those coffee tables are fantastic, aren't they?
They take up so little space visually, but offer heaps of tablespace and sparkle.

The dining rooms playful walls transform a boxy space into a gently flowing one.

I'm sure you've seen this dining room before!

So much sheen here.
The silk of the chairs, that spectacular gilded screen and chandelier,
 and the reflective base and top of this table 
really makes the space feel almost otherwordly...

Here is the Upper East Side living room that goes along with it.

The upholstered panels ground and offer a focal point for this space.
Again, such interesting tables!
You don't see it here, but that banquette continues down the length of the wall,
an unique take on the traditional sofa.

One of her more recent projects in the Upper West Side
included a sumptuous daybed (another signature) in the master bedroom.

It's located off the main living space, 
where custom embroidered upholstery surrounds the custom "propeller" table -
(custom being the common denominator in most of her spaces!!)

From here you can view the entrance hall.

Walls are upholstered in custom (there it is again!) fabric 
adorned with beaded letters (a la her own dining room)
which spell out the lyrics to Loving Cup by the Rolling Stones.

Always, always an original.

Muriel Brandolini has had a fabric collection with Holland and Sherry for years... 

more currently she has an exclusive collection for sale at Barneys.....
(primarily beaded pieces, she has transitioned from embroidery to beading)

and the release of her book on the 11th
 is accompanied by an auction by Phillips de Pury & Company,

She states, 

"My aim for this sale and exhibition
 is to transport people into my dream world.
 My hope is that they realize that there are no rules to follow
 and that a great design piece is great no matter the era or designer...
 what matters is it's beauty and integrity."

Truly one of the greats, non?

ps - almost finished the revamp of Tash's room -
if we get some sun here in the next couple of days I'll snap some pics and share...
it's a bit wild in there - we've just used up an entire spray can of neon paint :)

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Unknown said...

This is all just total and complete genius- love!! The dining room spaces are my favourite...thanks for sharing her amazing portfolio.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

I prefer Muriel's current design style as well. Her spaces are so unique and interesting, and she's fearless with her use of colour.
Great post Anne-Marie!
~ Wendi ~

Unknown said...

what stunning spaces i am loving her style, the rooms with the mint & blue pallette were my favourite fresh, light & calming


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