if I had a cottage..folding cots

if I had a cottage

these would live there...

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Crushing On Color: Jules from The Diversion Project

The Crushing on Color series is where we get a little glimpse 
of what colors make our favourite bloggers hearts aflutter...

today I am super-excitied to bring you Jules,
from the seriously cool blog The Diversion Project.

If by some rare chance you have missed the spectacular collection of homes she profiles on her blog..
you need to set aside a chunk of your afternoon, break out some bevvies, and prepare to swoon.

Hi, I'm Jules from The Diversion Project

When Anne-Marie asked me if I'd like to take part in her Crushing On Colour series, 
I kind of thought for a split second 
"is this a trick question?" 
I mean first of all who wouldn't jump up and down with a welcome back Kotter hand in the air
 to be part of this fabulous fun and then second of all I had to stop
 and ask myself, 
"do I actually do colour?!"

But reading further down the sweet email I snorted when I read
 Anne-Marie's words "And, yep, black and white and wood and concrete count as colors :)".

She knows me too well!


So I thought, cool, black white wood and concrete, I can do that kind of colour! 
But then I thought there must be more to my colour radar than that. 
So looking back through the inventory of things that grab my eye I noticed quite a bit of turquoise,
 a very healthy sampling of grey (yep, I concede, on the cusp of black and concrete again),
 but then suddenly - gold. 

My love of shiny things and refined glamour shone through.

And in so many ways, 
from blind-your-eyes-mirage-in-the-desert to 
burnished umbered mellow patinas in a Milanese kitchen.

Whether it be metallic gold or golden tones, I love the way it can transform a room. 
The soft shimmer often transfixes me when I spot it in a room, no matter what form it comes in.  
But of course golden velvet just might have to be my most favourite form of all.

Thanks so much Anne-Marie for having me over for a little show and tell, 
and for letting me believe that "black white wood and concrete" is an actual colour!

Although, we may need to blend that out a little to "black white wood concrete AND gold"

- Jules

Thanks Jules!
I loved  that you chose to focus on gold, 
because I always have to mentally fight to separate gold from flourishes and roccoco,
and you've shown it in such a modern way, that it leaves me a bit speechless.

When I need a bit of killer imagery, 
something textural and tactile and sexy,
I always head over to The Diversion Project.

You should go :)

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Weekend Goodies

To all of you south of us, happy Memorial Day,
and to everyone else, Happy Weekend!

Hope your weekend is warm enough for some of these -
follow the links for recipes - x

Yogurt Pops loving those sprinkles...and the clever pretzel handle!
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for instant gratification (who has time to wait?!)
Williams Sonoma carries the ingenious wee Zoku maker -
Zoku Pops in seven minutes!

If you have more patience you really don't have to buy fancy machines...
anything can suffice as a mold -
Loaf Pops and those "watermelon" lime pops are too cool!

For the adults.....

Strawberry and mint cubes add a zing to your table with these adorable Hors Dourves Pops.

  Frozen Fruit Cubes  are easy to keep in the freezer to drop  into drinks..

Cocktail Popsicles are a lux treat on a hot day.

Crate and Barrel is riding the popsicle train...

Doesn't get much simpler than cup pops - 
cup + popsicle sticks and whatever is hanging around..
 1 2 3 4

I love colorful food, what can I say ;)
We're helping my sister-in-law prepare her house for sale this weekend -
 starting with an enormous garage sale tomorrow...
how much do you want to bet I'll be her no.1 customer!

Pop by monday for a new Crushing on Color guest post -
one of my all-time favourite bloggers is going to dazzle you!

Happy weekend!

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Yea or Nay: Coasters

So recently some people were over for dinner.

We're still in the getting-to-know-you stage,
and so we were on our best behaviour :)

When they came in, and beverages had been made,
we all settled into the living room.

And then it happened. 

Drinks on the coffee and end tables, sans coasters.

Now, if cold drinks sweat and hot drinks leave rings,
why do people refuse to use coasters?

I keep them here and there around the room, 
everywhere a drink was sat, a coaster rested nearby.

If I am at someone's home, and they have coasters I always use them,
a result of a Mum who never had a huge budget, but always had a beautiful home,
and insisted we respect the furniture that she had pulled together..

So I sat. 
Pondering exactly how type-a I am,
watching water linger in puddles on my favourite end tables.!

We're about to embark on the process of a major shuffle on the homefront,
and this room is going to be re-purposed.

The side tables will be moved to another room, and the coffee table re-thought....

and the next tables I buy may be glass.!

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RUE Mag: New Issue and Exclusive Shopping

I got the Rue email in my inbox and was shocked - 
we're at issue no. five already?

Packed with inspiration, as always..

a bit of happy for your morning....

with lace in full swing in the fashion world,
it's no wonder this treatment found it's way onto the walls of
PR firm Bollare, whose clients include fashionista-faves ShopBop and more...

How stunning is this vignette?

Gold sometimes verges on Trump-tacky,
but this antique gold mixed with this pale (bare?) wood makes my heart beat just a little faster...

DIY party favours that keep the succulent trend fun and easy..


I think I am in love.
These Brutalist chandeliers by Curtis Jere now top my lighting wish list.

Their patina is spectacular...


An affordable alternative to bring that caramel campaign-inspired
goodness I've been drooling over at Anthro -
this chair is only $490!  

Thank you, Rue.

Michelle Armas is everywhere these days.

I'm planning on building a gallery wall in my own dining room around her brilliant work - 
love this Ochi print - moody and whimsical at once, filled with triangles and color - 
what more could a wall want?

But the jewel in the crown this month was discovering Rue has opened a selection at The Foundary -
on-line shopping hand-picked by Anne Sage and Crystal Genitiello.
I'm registered, but am going to lock up my credit cards before venturing over!

Have you checked out this issue?
What inspired you?

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The Sofa: Decked Out

We've just sold our teak dining set and loungers
and replaced them with some cast aluminum and marble pieces.
 (incredibly heavy! 
I kept reminding D. they would never blow over
 as he and three other guys huffed and puffed them home :)

I'd show you pics but they are still boxed and living in the garage
  as we are planning a deck overhaul this year...
show you once it's done!

Teak used to be what you bought if your wanted decent quality outdoor furniture, 
but I'm not a fan of the weathered grey look and oiling them twice a year was becoming tedious...
The new stuff was an incredible deal at Costco, zero maintenance and ultra comfortable.
But if money was no object I may have done a little more shopping around.

I'm blown away by what can live outdoors these days...

West Elm does such a great job of merchandising - 
these pics leave me longing....

What I am seeing more and more is a trend towards full scale sofas outdoors....
this almost looks like something you would find in a living room..

This year's clever Catalina series from Carte and Barrel is slipcovered!
Fantastic idea, no?

Never one to be outdone, Restoration Hardware has created a slipcovered, outdoor version
 of their current signature style seating to the outdoors, as well.
I know that between the gangs of popsicle toting scoundrels and muddy pups that roam our yard 
I'd be cleaning these covers a little too often here,
but a girl can dream :)

What are you lounging on this summer?

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