how we decorate our tree for maximum sparkle, step-by-step

yes, I'm posting this on Boxing Day :) Pretty much sums up the pace of the holidays around there! Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have been fortunate enough to be with you family and friends.

I took photos of the tree as it progressed this year - and the kids announced that they were going to decorate it - so I just sat back with a cup of tea and watched!

We decided to use "sparkly nature" decorations - kind of embarrassed to admit that we have so many tree ornaments in storage that we can choose different themes on different years, and we don't have to buy anything!!!

The crocheted snowflakes are some of my favourite ornaments - my Mum made them one year when I was small, and they were on our childhood tree for most of me childhood. She gifted them to me a few years ago :)

We use wired ribbon woven throughout the middle of the tree (Miss N is allergic, so we have a fake tree) to fill it in a little, and we added in some glittery and mercury glass onion-shaped ornaments at the last moment.

Here are the pics:

being fluffed by Miss N

the darling boy taking a break for a puppy snuggle

light reflectors going on - these are the bane of my existence! 
They don't quite fit the lights, but the kids love adding them, 
so we end up steeping on them for the entire holidays!!

ribbon throughout the middle, and large pinecones place toward the centre of the tree for sparkle :)

small pinecones and snowflakes on...

onion ornaments and a small wreath for a topper...notice all those reflectors on the floor?!! 

and somehow I've lost the pic with the tree skirt :)

 finally, presents!

Happy Holidays, lovelies!

Am working on a post about the lovely colour of the year from pantone - it's gorgeous, isn't it?


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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Gorgeous tree! The kids did an excellent job.

Julie Leah said...

The tree is gorgeous and perfectly sparkly! Love all the mercury glass :) xo

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

So very pretty. Great shots too!


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