exotic tribal + the amazing home of Diane von Furstenberg

The last post was about tribal elements and tribal inspired pieces primarily form Native Americans and the southwest, but today I am sharing a more exotic type of tribal influence. One the brings to mind images of far-off vistas and once-in-a-lifetime-dream-destinations like Africa....

I think the only mistake you can make with these is to try an "theme" your space - we aren't trying to reimagine a safari, just bringing in a few select pieces and accessories that make your heart skip a beat. I'm doing this in my own home - I just ordered this vintage mud cloth from an ebay seller.

Can't wait to see this beauty up close!! It will be mounted to a wooden frame and hung over my family room fireplace - there are eighteen foot ceilings in this room, and after debating a gallery wall I decided to go with one large scale piece. I'll happily take pics to share in the next weeks as this room is finally coming together :)

Here are some bits and pieces I think we will be seeing pop up more and more in the coming months...

luscious walls, and ideas for even more luscious walls :)

 art, with a super easy DIY idea for block printing with string and paint -- this would work with fabric paint for pillows, etc, as well, yes?

the horn - thinking this could be the next antler...

and I really couldn't do this post without including the AH-MAZING apt of DVF - have you seen this?!!

My absolute favourite right now. I love it all. Exactly the right mix of clean lines, pattern, glam and authenticity.

Ready to move in? Me too. Hope you have a lovely weekend planned, we are having round two of the family celebrations for Miss N's birthday. I am officially Mum to a teen. Scary :) x am

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desert tribal

These days I want pattern. Heaps of pattern. But not dignified, perfect made-by-a-machine pattern. I want dots, but not perfectly formed round polka dots. Yesterdays geometry in a more organic format. Chevron re-thought.  I want mud cloth from Africa and rugs based on southwestern Native American designs. It's about to get tribal, lovelies.

I started a link folder a few months ago titled tribal, and when I opened it today it contained almost a hundred links :) So lets break this into a couple of posts, shall we?

on the menu for today: desert tribal


If I'm being honest, it's not just the pattern here that appeals to me - it's the handmade aspect, a merging of natural elements and aesthetics's, a respect for the materials involved, a sense of spirituality. Something more than just a pretty room.


I know. Almost too much to take in, isn't it? Are you feeling as connected to this as I am? On friday I will post the rest of it, pop by and share in the beauty. am x

(I know some of the patterns involved in these items are sacred to Native Americans, and I apologize if you are offended by their use here. Please know we are simply appreciating a small part of the beauty of your culture.)

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minty is open

The online Minty shop is open! You might want to head over there, they've got things like this....

I would like one of everything! You? Happy Shopping :)

am x

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yay or nay: bedside desk

Between gigantic mattresses, a box spring and a bed frame, most of us are sleeping at a fair height these days.  Bedside tables, for some reason, have not increased in height. So it seems natural that everyone has begun using console tables and dressers as nightstands. But something I'm seeing more and more is a desk tucked in neatly beside the bed.

Do you like this look? Would this function well as an actual workspace in a small home?  Could you mix business and rest? I think I'd be staring at my files instead on sleeping! It would work nicely as a dressing table, though..... what do you think - yay or nay?

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walls of flowers

Couldn't stop thinking about these pretty flowers after I pinned them...

wishing some of those, or these, would magically bloom across a wall around here....

Want to make some? here's a fabric diy and a paper diy that look simple enough for a sunday afternoon...

Having some of the family up for Miss N's bday - that's as good an excuse as any to cover your walls in flowers, isn't it?!!  Have a great weekend!   x am

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