West Elm Mixes Up Mainstream

 A client is considering a chandelier from West Elm, and wanted me to have a look. Have you been by the site lately??  Although I am never a huge proponent of "catalog" design, they mix in enough ingenuity in their lines that the pieces remain current without being completely trendy, looking generic, or strictly one aesthetic. Really lovelies,  West Elm has got it going on right now!  I decided to try and do a mood board that is strictly West Elm product and see if it still has interest. Feeling incredibly lucky today to have time in my schedule to be able to play!!

Those butterfly inspired prints are to die for, right? Feel like we are on the verge of a butterfly resurgence, but that is another post - maybe next week :) I like the idea of two curved sofas placed side-by-side to create a more intimate seating arrangement. Six gold cubes form a sculptural coffee table that brings in a little sparkle and light. There is a comfortable reading chair and two leather/metal chairs that provide visual lightness and pull in some black linear elements which reflect the artwork. West Elm has quite and interesting floor light/side table option that is not at all like the brass/glass version of the eighties. The chandelier and side lamps are gorgeous, obviously. In fact, all the lighting on the site is something I could use in different clients homes. There was very little that did not appeal to me. The snake candleholders are amazing. Ah-mazing. Need! The wallpaper is perfection, go and see a sample up close on the site, this may be inspiration for a diy down the road in my own living/dining space….

 What are your thoughts about the living vignette above? Are we feeling it? Have you purchased anything from West Elm lately?

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Unknown said...

West Elm has been a go to of mine for a while now...especially when I am looking for something a bit unusual and maybe even smaller in scale for a client.

Unknown said...

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