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There have been heaps of emails lately regarding how the online consultation process works, so let's take the mystery out of it and run through everything that is included in your 10 Rooms Consultation, shall we?

Phase One: Getting to Know You

You call or email me.
My clients are people who have always done their own decorating, and are feeling frustrated with the results, new home-owners who are just getting a feel for what their style is, or simply very busy people (who isn't, these days?) who do not have time evaluate which choices would suit them the best. Often clients are about to, or have just made, some major furniture purchases and their home is feeling disconnected (from room-to-room).  Sometimes they have a particularly challenging space, or they have had a life change and are looking for a fresh start.

In any case, I try to determine your motivation because that is what will drive your choices.

A short online questionnaire will allow me to get to know you better. I ask things like....
Where is your home (country, city, suburb)?
What is the architecture like? Which direction does the space face?
What are your favourite colors? What style of decor do you prefer? etc..

In an online consultation, I encourage clients to include any photos/links of spaces they like, along with photos of their own space. This allows me to gain a basic understanding of your home, your style preferences, and your design goals.

Phase Two: Determining a Design Direction

This is where the four main factors come into play:

1. The Space Itself
Size, light, orientation, placement in the home, flow, existing finishes, furnishings, etc..

2. The Purpose of the Space
Time of day you will be using the space, relaxation vs. stimulation, adult vs family, long-term vs short term, etc..

3. The Personality of the Client
Are you outgoing? Do you want an entertaining space that encourages lively conversation?
Are you looking for a retreat? A place to rejuvenate after a very busy workweek?
Do you prefer a more formal or relaxed style home? 

4. The Preferences of the Client
Which colors do you prefer? How much color do you want to live with?
This sounds basic, but many times sitting down and actually defining these clearly gives a great base palette to work from.

Now that I have all your information, we can work on determining a design direction. During this phase we will be emailing back and forth a few times, with me asking more specific questions and providing you with a collection of images - "inspiration rooms" if you will. Quite often, the original vision gets tweaked here, as we get a true sense of what makes your heart skip a beat!

Phase Three: Putting It All Together

Now that I know where you need/want to go with this space, I make selections....
If you have chosen a Colour Consultation, I pull out the paint chips and select your perfect palette.
If you have chosen a Design Consultation, I will select colour, then complete the design with suggested furnishings, finishes and accessories.  

In either type of consultation, we can go through several different options here, until your unique design direction is achieved.

Once we have finalized your selections, you will receive a Color Plan - your colour recommendations, including wall and trim colours and the specifics (which paint, which finish).
If you have opted for a complete Design Plan, you will also receive design boards that incorperate all the elements of your design, and floor plans specifying layout.

Phase Four: The Finish!

Your space is transformed :)

A standard paint colour consultation fee is $100.00. That means for the cost of a can of paint you can ensure total satisfaction the first time you paint - no more re-painting because that pretty sunny yellow paint chip you liked in the store has somehow morphed in screaming yellow lunacy on your walls!

If you opt for a design consultation, the per room fee is $250.00. This is like having me come out to your home and design your space for you. We cover all the bases, from furniture and paint to lighting and art. With a floor plan, design board and shopping source guide you will have a complete personalized design to simply implement into your home!

A bonus: you can work on your home at your own pace! The design plan can be implemented all at once or in stages, depending on your budget. Additionally, once I have gotten to know you, your style, and your home we can work on additional spaces at your convenience. We can keep the style of your home cohesive, and each space will flow well into the other. 

A common concern clients relate is that by hiring a designer the style of your home will not reflect you, but someone else. To be clear, I will not promote my personal preferences or the trendiest colors to you.

The 10 Rooms goal is always to find that unique solution that enhances your space, reflects your personality, and makes you happy.

The best part about any consultation is talking to the client later, after the changes are completed, and hearing the pure as they describe how happy they are to come home each day. If you are ready to make some changes in your space, contact me and we can get started creating a home you love.

Anne-Marie Ezeard
Principal Designer, 10 Rooms Design

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