A Beautiful Ceiling Fan - is that really possible?

So our Family Room is a little different in this home.  The previous owners had the foresight to make the ground floor a little smaller than the other two.  This created a two-story family room in the basement. The rear wall of this room is almost all windows, so it lets in an incredible amount of light to the basement and main floor.  Lovely, right?  The only problem with this is that any heat we manage to get into our basement flows directly up to the upper levels.  (My office is also here, and as I write this, a small heater hums beside me!!) So we have decided to install some ceiling fans into the family room to recirculate the heat back down here.  This will cost far less than running a space heater in the office or guest room, or even using the gas fireplace each night in our family room.

The awful lights we currently have are visible not only from the family room but the dining room, as well.  This means that we need to choose something that will match our Dining Room fixture (not yet chosen!!) and look half-decent while  enjoying a bottle of wine with friends.

So herein lies the dilemma.  Which fans (two) should we choose?

We can eliminate a lot of styles right off the bat.  Definitely no light, it's twenty feet up and we have to bring in scaffolding to install these guys. Our home is not   minimal, so the Enigma from Fanimation (left) or Nebula from Living Lighting are out as well.


We could go more Traditional, which is what my Husband would like. The Circilo from Living Lighting would be his first choice.  I would agree, if our home was more like this one from Home and Garden.

There is always the more Tropical look, which may have worked in our previous home - it was full of greeny blues and wood.  This house has Ebony Bamboo floors, the walls will SOON (!!) be predominantly creamy white, and pretty much everything else in the family room will be grey, camel or black.  Not as tropical as this space from CaymanVacation.com.  I do quite like this fan from Tommy Bahama and fan with optional light from Home Depot, though.

I'm thinking something sleeker, still warm but maybe a bit less competitive with the Dining Room Chandelier (did I mention we haven't chosen that yet?!!).
I think white would disappear altogether, and that may be a little strange looking. This white one from rona is sleek and a steal - $79.00. But how about this Black and Cherry beauty from Living Lighting?  Or the slightly more ornate Silver and Cherry fan from Casablanca? Close, very close.

What I really want is warm, organic, sleek.
It needs to be beautiful without all the glitz and detail.  Simple.

Here it is, folks, the absolute winner:

The Artemis by Minka.


Unfortunately, also the most expensive.  Sigh.

Till next time..
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Staci Severns said...

I love the sycamore fan! Here’s a trivia about it: the design is inspired by the loveliness of a falling sycamore tree seed shell. My friend has that kind of ceiling fan, and I should say that it definitely provides efficiency in function without risking its aesthetics. Very impressive! =)


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