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Are You familiar with Kelly Van Patter?  She is an award-winning set and residential designer.  See her fabulous designs below from Survivor and The Apprentice.  What a range of concepts, from the rustic, authentic, cultural set to the Glitz and glam of the Trump Tower.


                Survivor 3 - Africa

                 The Apprentice - Trump Tower

 Kelly has now opened a shop and set up an online store for some really cool green design.

My home loves the Large Geode Book Ends ,my office bookshelf in particular!

My kids love the Signature Lunch Kit that includes a matching fabric bag, aluminum drinking bottle, aluminum food storage containers and fabric napkin.

My Husband loves the Blow Out Messenger Bag made from recycled Rubber.

I love the Gorgeous Jewelry! Recycled metal, all in a burnished gold tone - perfect nature-based motifs - what more could a spring wardrobe want?

There is also a wide variety of the Kitchsy Cardboard Trophy Heads that are popping up everywhere these days...
(along with other fun no-animal-involved versions of the trophy head)

What do you like on the site? Have you found any other fantastic green sites lately?

till next time...

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