The Design of Pascal Anson -Yea or Nay?

Before I get into the story of this gentleman, I just want to say thanks for all the positive feedback you guys gave me on that mirror project. Obviously this is a diy crowd! So close to my own heart.. 
Now that the spring is coming, and I can open up the windows, there is going to be a flurry of painting and so on..
The next rooms on the list are my guest room, which is 90% done, and the powder room, which has not been touched since we moved in.  Hope you guys will pop in for those :)

I am off to Florida tomorrow for a couple weeks with the fam, but I'll probably stop by a few times and visit blogland.

So on that diy vibe - meet Pascal Anson. He is an interesting fellow who has a playful approach to design, loves diy and breaking the rules ( a boy after my own heart!)

Have you seen this? This is his foray into Really Wrong Design...

What do you think of that?!

Pascals quick wit and interesting presentation make his videos worth watching,
even if purely for entertainment value.

Here's a couple more...

YouTube - The_Mirrors

YouTube - The_Chairs

I love that he is passionate about reusing objects, reinventing them and giving them fresh life.

He says, "I have never seen the need for newness in every aspect of consumer life…a new iPod is exciting but it is never new and unscratched for long…also once it is scratched you instantly become less neurotic about damaging it and enjoy using it. I worry about buying new all the time, it produces more waste. Junk shops allow us the opportunity to consume and shop in a unique way…shopping is so generic and similar the world over now…but not in second hand shops."

Here are a few more of Pascals designs...

Re-Unification Project, Cutlery

Alphabet -Reclaimed wood dipped in Paint

Sweet Sixteen - A fruitbowl you have to balance...

Interesting?  I particularly like this project...

it reminds me of Umbras Biblioteca Bookshelf, which was designed by Matt Carr.
He created the prototype by cutting two found vintage coffee tables in half and assembling them into something gorgeous..

Have you done anything like this in your home?
What do you think of Mr Anson?

til next time..

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