The Second Best Restaurant Design in London

Yesterday I wrote about Circus, which is a nominee for the Restaurant Design Awards.
 Here is another London restaurant which is being considered.
You guys in the UK have all the great spots...

Their third restaurant is located in the cavernous former church hall of St Boltolph's School, created by the firm Design LSM.
The walls are raw brick, with marble pillars at the side, and a breathtaking glass and steel half-mezzanine floor, adding urban flavour to the spot.

Okay, these floors are Gorgeous...

Love the time-worn finish on the ceiling, and the sleekness (almost deco?) feel of the bar.
As I was a bartender in my youth, I always go to the bar first!

How can you concentrate on food in a place like this?

Which one do you prefer? 
I have to say, after looking at all these photos, that perhaps I was hasty in declaring Circus my favourite. 
Although I prefer the concept of Circus, because it is so innovative, Galvi La Chappelle is stunning.

til next time...

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