The Office Redo: Worn Out and Dull to Fresh and Charming

A while back, I posted about my office.
The tiniest room in the house, 
I chose this spot because it has a window and is tucked away in a quiet corner.
An old desk (that I love) and some shelves left from the previous owners found a home here when we first moved here, and thats as far as I got.

Then I saw this on Kijiji:

A pair of pagoda style rattan shelves, in excellent condition - hmm...

After a phone call they were mine! Let the games begin...
D. brought them home, laughing when I told him they had to be painted 
(it's a standing joke between us that I paint everything!).

I had a can of paint left over from my youngest daughters room, Refreshing Pool by Behr.

A plan was formulating, how about turquoise and red?
I love that combo.. I contemplated painting the shelves red to make them really pop off the wall, but decided to go white so they wouldn't steal the limelight from the desk. 

And what about my desk?
It's a perfect size, solid wood, and has be with me for a long while,
 but the finish was completely worn out. 
I decided to paint it - I know, you're surprised!
The top ended up being a little unsightly, the white highlighted this old girls battle scars even more,
 so a piece of fabric and glass (on order) are a perfect solution.

Turquoise and red alone would be too intense in this tiny space, so I brought in a warm yellow to lighten and brighten.

This is a real departure from the rest of my home, 
which is much more moody: Navy, Black, Camel, Cream and a Fresh Green.
I wanted to set a different mood here, to nurture creativity and energize.

Anyhow, here it is, almost finished!

still need a carpet, the beige broadloom is ugh! The desk handles will be painted white. The desk chair is temporary until I find an affordable, comfortable, white leather version (any ideas on that one?)..

The kids have been down here all weekend doing crafts! 
It's funny that four people are in the smallest room in our home..

I can't tell you how much easier it is to have all these little bits and bobs organized..
Rainbow books! A proper home for Remington, the typewriter...

I recovered some old Ikea magnetic boards with a bit of fabric..

and found this fab picture holder there:

Those brilliant Keith Haring art cards have been patiently waiting for display. 
 A perpetual calendar, after I cut some numerals out of foam (todays project)..and hang them in the appropriate rows..
Last night I sat and sewed a wee cover for my bench, and thought of my Aunt Sarah,
 who gave me that sewing machine.
She had decided at 92 she really wasn't going to be sewing much more :)
 A wonderful soul, independent, still living in her home, who placed a tree in every room at Christmas, who danced on tables at weddings...
Today I found out that she passed away last night, at the age of 94.
She would have liked this room.
It is unpretentious, and bright, and full of possibilities.. like she was. 

til next time..
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Saxon Henry said...

Amazing transformation: this is truly an inspiring post! I listed your blog on mine (http://roamingbydesign.com) and will check back in to see what you are up to (and I enjoy your tweets!). Have a great week!

Choo Choo said...

The room looks fabulous! I always say, go big or go home, and do it the way *you* want to live in it! Home offices are really important spaces to those who work in them. Sorry about your dear Aunt's passing; what a wonderful little tribute to her. Great blog, will keep reading!

Anonymous said...

This room look amazing. I love the Keith Haring Art, he is my favorite modern artist.

Anonymous said...
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Mel said...

How did I miss this make over? Love how sunny and bright it is. You really scored with those book shelves.

Mel said...

I have found a very similar pair of pagoda bamboo etagere's at Habitat for Humanity today. Mine have a little more doo dads on them, so I am considering removing some of it.

Would you mind giving me your advise if I were to send a photo?

Thanks AM.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic and truly inspiring! I googled purple, neutrals, and living room, and you came up. I am delighted you did, because I have been reading non-stop, jumping around from post to post, and loving the easygoing, fun, sincere way you write as well as enjoying the stunning pictures you include. I especially love your dark blue reading room with the chess set and owls! Thank you for sharing!

Kyle Holt said...

Thanks for sharing what you did on that office redo. That used to be dull and boring office now looks fresh and lively. Good job!


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