Beach week: Flickr Beach Hut Fabulousness

So late posting today - you could say I was working on the blog -
spent the day beachside with the kiddies :)

A bit windy so waves galore and the kids were off to "surf" on foam boards!

I have found so many beautiful images and homes this week that I will definitely be 
showing you another week of beachy good times before summer is over..

I learned something about myself this week, cruising through hundreds of beach properties -
 I like the smallest, rustic ones the best.
The spaces that called out for sandy feet and wet dogs..
can handle cast off quilts in a myriad of colors.
Those tiny little hideaways, chilling out along the shore, they have my heart.

So in the spirit of all things small and spankingly beautiful,
here is a gallery to check out on flickr:

Have a fantabulous friday everyone!

 til next time..
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Layers and Layers said...

great pics...reminds me of being a kid and on a vakay somewhere....all feels very familiar....lovely

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I'm with you, the rustic ones are so nice. The pics of the huts just make you want a summer getaway!

Sarah said...

Yes! Cottages are supposed to be small and rustic, not these McMansions everyone has these days. I love your attitude.


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