Beach Week! Surf Shack: Cabo

Everyone has a favourite spot.
For some it's the city, where the energetic pulse is almost tangible.
The mountains, where solitude and strength reign.
Mine is the beach.
Any beach.
The hypnotic sound of waves rolling in, the wide open vistas.. heaven.
I love it in the summer. spring. fall. winter.

Most spare moments find me at the beach, and the rest I'm wishing I could be there.

So I'm having beach week on the blog.

Last post was about how to incorperate beachy finds into your decor..
the next few will be about abodes found shoreside.

Todays locale: Cabo.

Check out the vibe from this place - a true surf shack!

It's all about location...

I'd love to know who sleeps here.. there has to be an interesting story behind this place..
this is where you come when you decide to chuck it all.
What do you think is tucked safely inside that armoire?

the view from behind isn't bad either - ah, a friend close by -  with running water? Perfect!

As someone who once travelled through Canada and the US camping in a old VW van,
 I can appreciate this place...
 but for those of you who require a bit more fluffing, come by tomorrow..

til next time..

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1 comment:

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i could definately do this place. i like both ends of the scale!

i mean, man, it even has a brick floor, that's cool. jx


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