Ditch the Tylenol with Sculptural Wall Panels!

Anne Kyyro Quinn has created a line of sculptural acoustic panels in dazzling felts.

What wonders these would work around here!

Muffling the earth shattering shrieks and giggles that permeate this space on a daily basis,
 as my own three monkeys and several likeminded neighbourhood kiddies blast in and out..

Adding color and interest to a few large, bare spots that are crying out for decoration.

this is so beautiful! can you believe that is felt?


A close-up of another installation- such fluid movement..


These panels were created for a library: functioning curtains,
 which can be opened to reveal a screen for movie viewing.
no more shushing from stern librarians..


Fabulous fun! Although it may look a bit too much like a climbing wall :)


These were all commercial spaces,
 but wouldn't it be wonderful to have that same noise buffer in your home?

Like air freshener for the ears...LOL

til next time...
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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Glad I didn't have to get all that felt under my sewing machine! I love textile sculpture. These are great!


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