Why I Am Selling My Favourite Chairs..

Tell me you understand this.

I have these chairs..
I love them. 
They are perfect for us.. but not perfect right now.

I have moved these several times, stubbornly refusing to sell them,
although they have sat in storage for most of that time.

They are a vintage rarity - 
four matching leather lounge chairs from at least the fifties,
although I suspect the forties.

It's hard to find a set of two, let alone four, in this condition.

Found them hiding in a vintage shop in Toronto and owned them in under 5 minutes!

They represent the cocktail party lover in me.
My husband and I are former bartenders, we actually worked together once upon a time..


I look at these chairs and picture bedecked friends perched upon them,
 sipping manhattans,
gaily chatting about the best new restaurants,
stilettos clicking in the background..

Except now almost all of our friends have kids, rarely wear stilettos, and don't drink manhattans much...
When we have friends and family over we aren't looking to perch gracefully -
we are looking for comfortable chairs to sink into
 while we drink wine and share a laugh.

I have been working up to this for a while...
I took a few photos this morning and am heading over to kijiji
after this.


do you feel my pain?!!
Is there anything in your house like this?

til next time..

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Unknown said...

I do feel your pain! It's always so hard to eliminate things you love. I have a confession. I edited my living room a while back, and because I can't decide to get rid of the things I removed (they belonged to my mother.) They are filling up my extra room. I'm going to have to let them go soon. I will if you will !

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I totally feel you! The chairs are beautiful and in great shape. I'm torn for you and want to say keep them even if it means back in storage...for now :-) Your photos with this post are simply perfect.

Choo Choo said...

I feel your pain -I have such a "thing" for interesting chairs! I have 4 different styles around my dining table at the moment. These are truly FAB, hope they find a good home!


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