The Humongously Talented Amy Butler

Some people are brimming with creativity..
you know the ones, always a project on the go - 
they despise the common, always preferring the original and unusual.

If they are fortunate and extremely hard-working, 
they find vehicles for their creativity and they flourish, 
their passion showing through in all they achieve.

Amy Butler is such a woman.
Her company is overflowing with beautiful and inspired creations.
She spent time as a contributing editor for Country Living magazine,
but her real story is about making..

Here are some of the treasures you will find at her site..
 Amy Butler Design is hugely diversified,
so go and explore to see more of these wonderful goodies..

dreamy fabrics..


Rugs, oh these are really too lovely to walk on.. art for your floors..


did someone mention art?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.. 
Amy Butler is very obviously humongously talented

I am in love with her craft papers..

and organic bedding..

and now I find out she is delving into wallpaper!!

can't wait!

hope you have fun poking around on her site,
it always make me smile :)

til next time..

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Erika Ward said...

I love everything Amy Butler does. I just used her fabric for my daughter's upholstered headboard...
see here: http://www.blulabelbungalow.com/2010/07/girls-bedroom-in-garden.html

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

What a room! Be sure to check out the gorgeous juicy palette Erika chose for her daughters room..


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