Fall is at the Front Door..

Time to gather up all the bits and bobs from summer and batten down the hatches for winter..
we live in a snow belt, which is superb for skiing but means that
 usually we will have had at least one snowfall by Hallowe'en!
We end up putting up the Christmas wreaths and so on ridiculously early
 because it's really just too cold in December..
the neighbours don't mind - they do the same!

But that means that fall decorations have a relatively short lifespan, so I don't go overboard.
Yesterday I potted a Mum out front, spiffed up the wreath on the front door,
and added some stems to the vase in the front front hall..

Although I love the look of urns, everyone has them,
and I've never been one to want something everyone else has ;)
 so I usually keep a low wide pot here with something seasonal.

 love a simple wreath..

The Begonias are a wee bit overgrown :) 
Will replace these with some tall wheat sheafs in the next couple of weeks..

Was at the dollar store grabbing school supplies for the kids and found these stems - $3! Love it!

The doggies were following me around, so thought you might like to see a pic.
Don't mind the enormous vent under the table - had a beautiful old basket there for umbrellas
but our canine companions were left alone a bit too long one day and decided to "play" with it..
will replace shortly, hopefully it will last a bit longer this time!
D. and I both have businesses based out of the house, so we are home with them the majority of the time, and they are spoiled rotten with oodles of attention.

Do you switch up any decorations as the seasons change?

Here is some inspiration I found..

Fall wreath made of flowers, leaves, and pinecones




want one? from etsy..

Chinese Lanterns, Gems and Berries Wreath

Yarn Wreath Felt Handmade Door Decoration - Tan and Red 12in

Or go for something a bit more unusual.. a cool DIY..

Merriment :: Urban wreath for fall using Polaroids by Kathy Beymer and Heather Crosby

I'd love to hear what you guys do for decor..
off for a (extended) family dinner today,
have a great sunday!
If you are near Toronto, don't forget to enter the giveaway for Home Show Tix!

til next time..
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