Home Show Tix.. and Grey!

Okay, this post was supposed to be up and running this morning
 but I had a woman call me in tears - 
the painters were there and she didn't like the colour that was going on the walls - 
could I just pop over and help her choose a colour - right then?!!

It turned out that she had chosen a grey which was not working in her space, 
we found a fantastic alternative and she was beaming by this afternoon - yay!
Those are the kind of days that have me loving what I do :)


It got me thinking about grey.
With it's popularity soaring, heaps of people are gleefully bringing in grey -
 glad to have an alternative to the beiges that have overtaken the majority of homes.

Tomorrow I am going to do a post about how to choose the best grey for your walls -
as well as some of my own favourites... come by if you like!

As for today, the lovely ladies from @HomeShowsTO sent me a stack of tickets for the giveaway - 
I was only expecting a few - thanks so much guys!
In return, I am giving three readers sets of tix-

Jennifer L
& Gerri

Thanks for being good sports and commenting! Have fun at the show...

til next time..

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Chats with Jack said...

I usually shy away from a mirror over the fireplace, but I'm loving the mirror on mirror effect in your first image!

Kerry said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot wait to go! :)


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