Pops of Intense Color Against Dark Walls..

You may have seen this home before, but it just expresses how I feel right now,
 embracing the darks of autmn but still loving the brights of summer..

I love how Gemma Ahern used darks as a neutral base
 and played these intense hues off the walls and furnishings.

Gemma Ahern Apartment Renovation

Gemma Ahern Apartment Renovation


Gemma Ahern Apartment Renovation

I have to say, that pear is my absolute favourite!

I am going to mosey on over to her shop, 
to moon over things like this

and this witty take on the metro sign trend -

have a fantabulous sunday!

til next time..

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Laurie Grassi said...

Great rooms, Anne-Marie! And that chandelier in the second shot is gorgeous – I want to touch it...! :) L

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i'm always keen opn a bit of black and ms. ahern never lets me down!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Love the chandelier in the second photo! So cool. I'm a bit of a light-seeker instead of a cave dweller, so I think I'd be reaching for the light switch most of the time in these spaces. But the pops of color certainly help. Beautiful fabrics throughout!

Jessi said...

Love that pink table! and the way the records are set up


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