Saying Thanks..

My Mum always made us stand around the table, holding hands, at Thanksgiving dinner.
The food was served but no one could eat until we'd gone around the circle,
 each of us saying in turn what we were thankful for.

Holding-Hands.jpg holding hands image by iluhvya12

I thought it was ridiculous then.
Now, as a Mum, I repeat the tradition
because we don't always stop to appreciate what we have..
and we have a lot.

On the menu - aside from my secret-recipe-butternut-squash-soup,
all the veggies, and ham/roast beef/turkey madness (my husbands family were butchers!)
I have an incredible appetizer to serve..

**warning** this dip is addictive :)

A friend wowed us with this dip a few weeks ago, and I have made a complete bother of myself  since, asking her for the recipe!
Not sure she wanted to share, but she caved out of sheer self-preservation!!
Thanks, Heather - maybe I'll give you the secret ingredients in my squash soup :)
Now I can share it with you...
delicious served with blanched asparagus, and shrimp if you like

Wasabi Mayo Dip

1 cup mayo (hellmans recommended)
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp wasabi (from tube)

mix and let sit in refrigerator for an hour if possible, so the sugar dissolves

SO GOOD! we had to make a "trial" today, just to be sure we could do it correctly ;)

Have a great weekend all..

til next time..

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Chats with Jack said...

I'm making this...tomorrow! I was thinking of you today; wondering how things were going. Looks like a lovely day.

Unknown said...

That dip sounds devine.
I love your Thanksgiving ritual.
....and the pics look like too much fun.

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I enjoyed your post and the family tradition of thankfulness. The dip looks yummy and not many ingredients which is nice, it must be my attention span :-) The pictures are great!

Chats with Jack said...

Just made the dip. Love it...it's great with raw, orange peppers as well!


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