Etsy: Charming Prints from the Suspect Shoppe

CUSTOM 13x19 large prints

If you need some art for a children's space, or simply something whimsical and fun..
the Suspect Shoppe has it.

fun pieces that don't take themselves too seriously..

this felines name is Serge :)

sergio--tiny tiger kitten

Red Lucky Elephant

umbrella love - limited edition print

adorable on in a grouping on wooden blocks..

CUSTOM wooden blocks

or hung a simply as this..

CUSTOM 13x19 large prints

I would love this one for the kids bath..

sweet yellow whale

Been busy painting and sorting out all my goodies into the new office/craft room,
we've named it the green room -
here's why..

Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Rhododendron Leaf Interior Paint Tester #MSL106 MSL106 Image1

will show you the rest when it's looking pretty :)
What have you all been up to?
Two days without a computer, I'm behind on all the news!
off to read all your blogs now.. 

til next time...
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Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Enjoyed this post and the whimsical artwork. I like the green color for the office/craft room. Lends itself to add even more pops of color!

jodie said...

Very gorgeous! I especially love the elephant :)

Abby M. Interiors said...

I could go crazy ordering stuff from this store. thanks!

And I couldn't agree more with your comment on my family blog!! Thanks.


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