La Rock Chic: Glam Moody Decor

Some spaces are meant for the people that live in them -
some spaces are meant for sharing.
This one, by Sera Hersham Loftus,
invites sequins and late night cocktails.. impromptu jam sessions.. drop-ins with thai..


there's something about throwing caution to the wind that never fails to appeal :)

til next time..

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Yummy Hallowe'en Libations

Three types of drinks for three types of Hallowe'ens..

first - the cocktail party:

Created by a Harry Potter fan,  this was named the You-Know-Who Cocktail..

Voldemort Cocktail

1 oz black sambuca
1/2 oz absinthe
1/2 oz gin
dash lemon bitters

pour into shaker over ice, shake, strain into glass
garnish with lemon zest and a chip of dry ice

serve smoldering :)

The all-ages get together:

some Spooky Punch..


Freeze juice/colored water in silicone surgical gloves, mask overnight.

Mix up your choice of fruit juices and ginger ale,
add your ghastly ice and voila - spooky punch!

If you'd like to add alcohol, try this version: use cranberry, orange and soda
then add 1 oz vodka into each glass, garnish with orange zest.

for the Trick-or-Treating crowd..

after the first year of this my husband and I learned the secret to taking the kids out:

fill with this:

Mulled Pom-Apple Cider

Place equal parts pomegranate juice and cider over heat
with a cinnamon stick, orange zest, dried pears and apples

Place in mugs with your choice of brandy, rum or port - I like spiced rum!

Share with your neighbours :)

Which one will you be drinking?
Are you attending any festivities this weekend?
Any special decorating plans?

There's been a million posts on Hallowe'en decor, but I really liked this front porch, 

from Nicole at Making it Lovely - she's entered into the BHG contest, so head over to her blog and vote!

Off to put the finishing touches on Vampire Queen and Miss Canada costumes..
Cam has decided to dress as a hockey player, and since he is one, all we have to do is choose a jersey - 
have I mentioned I love that boy?!

Tomorrow we will carve five pumpkins (one for each of us - tradition)
and hang our mad spider collection from the porch ceiling..
I think there's about 50 now, it's becoming a bit creepy!

Happy Halloween All!

til next time..

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Anna Sui et Un Peu de Magie Noir.

Do you ever watch Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel?
It details the adventures and sourcing methods of Keith Johnson
  (a buyer for Anthropologie - can you say DREAM JOB) 
as he searches for artisians around the world who make goods Anthro- style:
authentic materials re-thought into innovative crafts.
Imagine going shopping with someone who has an incredible eye and vision -
 to markets all over the world!

I record them all, and usually watch each episode a few times.. living vicariously :)

Last night I caught the trip to Syria with Anna Sui.
While the trip to Syria was fascinating, I was google-eyed over Anna Sui's Manhattan apartment.
It was featured in Elle Decor last year.

At one point in the episode, Anna says to Keith, "When in doubt, go Black."
I share that philosophy.
Every time we move I try to reduce the amount of black we have present in our home,
 and it always creeps back in... nothing compares in richness and drama.
Gorgeous chinoiserie paper from Stark sets the tone..

Anna's living room is black perfection.
Anna and Keith were discussing their shared love of inlaid furniture,
 here her spectactular chest serves as a perch for a peacock!
So much pattern, balanced by the glossy black floor,
and I love the way layers of mirror bounce light around the room.

so completely chic.
This tiny, charming kitchen showcases Anna's china,
which she discusses in linked article on entertaining.

At first glance I though this was a hall vignette :)
This bathroom could host a cocktail party.
Glossy black, and LOOK at those floors, the sconces.. the chandelier!

That room I was most curious to see, Anna Sui's closet.
Can you imagine the treasures?
She travels quite frequently for inspiration, and was showing Keith some of her finds - 
embroidered boots from Uzbekistan..
all showcased brilliantly in this space, which looks like a little french boutique.

Anna's space is sultry black, black enchanted.
Have you, too succumbed to un peu de magie noir?

til next time..
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I Won the Kijiji Lottery! Ha!

Perserverence + Kijiji = A Dining Suite for $100!!!


If someone had told me a few years ago I'd be dancing for joy
an antique table with harpback chairs and an ornate china cabinet
I'd have laughed, quite heartily :)
But tastes change, don't they - and that's another post..

I tried to retrieve the pics to show you, but the ad was already gone.
So a few examples of what these chairs could be.. now I just have to get D. to agree to paint!
What is it with men and their resistance to painting wood?!!


 The table and chairs are headed for my dining room, 
the cabinet for my new office/craft room that's in the works..

mind the surfboard..not quite close enough to the ocean here for that!
 just wanted to show you the paint color I'm perusing,
Windsor Green, Ralph Lauren

Working at home today, but I may sneak in a visit to the fabric store for the dining room chair fabric :)

have a great day!

til next time..

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Yea or Nay: Monograms

We recently attended a wedding.
One of the guests was telling us how she had ordered the happy couple
 a complete set of (unrequested) monogrammed bedlinens.

I happen to know that this particular couple prefer a specific type of sheet set,
because I helped my friend choose her bedding a few months ago -
and it wasn't monogrammed :)

Some people love the look of monograms, 
gleefully embroidering their intials on everything from pillows to purses,
while others find this practice pretentious..
I am interested to see which camp you fall into!


Yummy colors!  Monogrammed luggage tags transform functional into stylish.

Monogrammed towels - hmm.. pretty, but why exactly would you require a monogram on a towel?
If it lives in your loo, it's likely yours - yes?

Modern Monogram Stationery

Handsome monogrammed stationary is a classic must-have..

I would adore these monogrammed matchbooks at a wedding.


While these plates are not a major investment and have an air of impishness..
but setting a whole table with your own intials?

(They're fully customizable, and I'm thinking of ordering some for Christmas brunch,
 with bits like HOHOHO and MERRY on them)

Snack Trays

These are not inexpensive, and have a distinct air of formality about them.

Sometimes monograms can be subtle..


So what do you think?

While they are charming at a wedding,
do you include monograms in your space - or a clients?

til next time..

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Weekend Color: How to Add Color to Your Office in Thirty Seconds


Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a space like Betsy Burnham's to work in..
Soothing cocoa walls enlivened by the active print on the curtains and chair, freshened by the white console, and visual interest added with hits of blue..

Recently I mentioned I was working on a color scheme for a clients office.
Poppy, of Project Gadabout
commented how much her dreary grey office needed that same treatment.

 I imagined trying to be inspired at work in a space described as dreary -
 thus this post was born, the simplest way to bring color into your workspace - accessories.


This chic space clearly had good bones, the wallpaper and furniture are fantastic,
but the hits of green bring balance to this high contrast scheme..
Green is one of the best choices for an office, it offers intellectual stimulation while calming nerves.


 Color enlivens tiny spaces. 
The power of red.  One single red box amps up the energy level of this space hugely!

Tiffany blue is the perfect complement here - adding a lovely, pretty edge to this delicate space.

What about cubicles? you obviously can't go wallpapering the walls without some raised eyebrows..
let alone installing a ball pit?!!

I love this idea below -

Jennifer placed a bright graphic wall decal on the floor of hers cubicle - fantastic!
You often see people adding carpets, 
but they don't allow your chair to move around very well, do they? 
Floor decals are the perfect solution.

fabric covered magnetic boards are easy to find and a cinch to change..
just use double-sided self-adhesive velco strips to adhere.



How about a new, ergonomic chair?
Even the most formal of offices can't argue employee health :)
In cherry red, or lemon yellow..

It's really easy to add these small bits of happy to your office, wherever it is, and 
you may be surprised how much it lifts your mood..
imagine being able to smile at the guy three desks down who insists on eating chili every day,
or the girl who has that ridiculously-loud-every-three-second-laugh going on -
okay, maybe not that much ;)

The office I consulted on has added new mossy green chairs for all it's employees,
 fresh taupe paint on the walls, a living wall for better air quality,
and some new acoustic panels to control office noise.
Simple improvements and the change in their office atmosphere is enormous.

Hope you all are having a great weekend,
I'm perusing christmas craft sales with my Mum and the girls..

til next time..

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